Beautician Salaries in Vermont

If you like helping people and crave the freedom to set your own schedule the beauty business may be your ideal career path. Vermont is a good place to become a beauty professional; it is home to several beauty schools as well as community colleges with beautician programs.

Salaries in Vermont are very competitive and job prospects are excellent. Vermont raised the minimum wage to $9.15 in 2015 and the unemployment rate is a low 4.4 percent. Beautician salaries are augmented by tips of between 10 to 25 percent of the cost of the service. This adds an appreciable amount to your overall income.

You can opt to be a regular employee or an independent contractor. Some cosmetologists, estheticians or nail technicians opt to rent a booth/chair in a salon which then becomes their own “shop.” Others freelance by building up a base of individual clients or marketing themselves to bridal parties, modeling agencies, etc. Persons living in senior communities are especially receptive to home cosmetologist services. If you elect to go this route it is wise to learn basic business and marketing techniques.

If this is beginning to sound good to you your first step is to decide on the specialty that appeals most to you and then pursue a sound education to make your dream a reality.

Vermont Cosmetologist Salaries

Cosmetologists are the jack-of-all-trades of the beauty business. To earn a cosmetologist license in Vermont you’ll have to complete 1,500 hours of beauty school training and pass the cosmetologist exam given by the State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are 760 cosmetologists (2013) working in Vermont for the following salaries:

Annual Salary
Average (Mean)

You can expect to earn more if you work in Burlington, Vermont’s largest city.

Annual Salary
Average (Mean)

Esthetician Salaries

Estheticians, the formal name for skin specialists, keep their client’s skin looking gorgeous by providing treatments like rubs, waxes, peels and massages. In order to earn your Vermont esthetician license you’ll have to complete 600 hours of beauty school training and pass the board esthetician exam. Skin care specialists are among the highest paid beauty specialists. The 2013 BLS figures for estheticians in Vermont are as follows:

Annual Salary
Average (Mean)

Vermont Nail Technician Salaries

Do you love to polish other people’s nails? You only need to complete 400 hours in beauty school or 900 hours in an apprenticeship learning manicure-pedicure techniques and safety issues to earn your nail technician license. This specialty lends itself well to certain kinds of freelancing, like offering in-home manicures and pedicures to persons living in senior communities who may find it difficult to get to a salon.

The following are BLS nail technician salaries (2013) statewide and in Burlington.


Annual Salary
Entry Level
Average (Mean)


Annual Salary
Entry Level
Average (Mean)

Makeup Artist Salaries

There are both theatrical/production makeup artists and personal appearance makeup artists; however, the latter is the only viable career option if you want to practice makeup artistry in Vermont. Although a license is not required, your job opportunities are far greater if you hold a cosmetology or esthetician license.

Personal makeup artists are commonly employed by salons, spas, resorts, bridal boutiques and cosmetics shops or companies. You will earn tips in addition to your salary and, if you are employed by a cosmetics company, you will probably receive a base salary plus commission on all products sold.

The following list of makeup artist annual salaries statewide and in various Vermont cities is based on an aggregate of recent job listings (from highest to lowest). Note that the three towns with the highest salaries are popular tourist destinations at the center of points of historic interest and/or close to the state’s famous ski areas.

  • Statewide – $31,000
  • Bennington – $40,000
  • Manchester – $39,000
  • Rutland – $39,000
  • Brattleboro – $35,000
  • Woodstock – $34,000
  • Essex – $33,000
  • Burlington – $32,000
  • Colchester – $32,000
  • Montpelier – $31,000
  • Barre – $30,000
  • Stowe – $29,000

Barber Salaries in Vermont

If you would prefer to serve primarily male clients, barbering might be the right career for you. Barbers trim, style and dye head and facial hair, give custom shaves and provide manicures. You must attend 1,000 hours at a barber college and pass the board exam in order to earn a barber license in Vermont.

The occupational outlook for barbers is good with the BLS predicting a nine percent increase in job openings between 2010 and 2020. The following annual salaries are based on an aggregate of job listings.

  • Statewide – $18,000
  • Bennington – $23,000
  • Manchester – $22,000
  • Rutland – $22,000
  • Woodstock – $20,000
  • Burlington – $18,000
  • Montpelier – $18,000
  • Barre – $17,000
  • Stowe – $16,000

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