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What We Offer

The decision to go to beauty school is usually an easy one. Which specialty license to prepare for? Well, that’s not so simple.

That’s why we created BeautySchoolEdu.org – to help would-be hairstylists, makeup artists, skin care specialists, manicurists, and even barbers find out exactly what it takes to meet the state licensing requirements necessary to become a salon professional.

There’s nothing simple about preparing for a career in the beauty industry, but there’s no reason why finding the information you need to take the first step can’t be simple and straightforward. BeautySchoolEdu.org provides state licensing guides clearly detailing the exact training-hour and exam requirements you’ll need to become licensed as a cosmetologist, esthetician, nail technician or barber.

Not sure which license is right for your career goals? BeautySchoolEdu.org also details the exact services that each license covers in accordance with the scope of practice set by each state’s licensing board. You can also count on BeautySchoolEdu.org to point you to the latest licensing exam study guides, not to mention the latest salary information from surveys of professionals working in the salon industry.

The editorial staff here at BeautySchoolEdu.org knows exactly what it’s like to take these first steps towards enrolling in beauty school and qualifying for a license. We remember the excitement we felt when we started planning for a dream career in the salon industry, but we also remember the uncertainty that came with trying to find the right beauty school and decide on the right license. BeautySchoolEdu.org is here to help make these first steps as fun and rewarding as your career in the beauty industry is sure to be.