Beauty Schools for Salon Jobs in Vermont

What industry outperformed the private sector during the latest Recession? If you guessed Salon & Spa, you guessed right. One thing that never changes is that people like to look good, and they need people to help them look good. Love of beauty is something that unites humanity and as a profession in the cosmetology industry, you can be part of that unification. Those living among the majestic scenery in Vermont surely understand and appreciate the importance of beauty.

How to Become a Cosmetologist in Vermont
How to Become a Manicurist in Vermont
How to Become an Esthetician in Vermont
How to Become an Electrologist in Vermont
How to Become a Barber in Vermont

Careers in the Salon & Spa industry offers the opportunity to release those creative and innovative juices while having an enduring and fulfilling career. Salon services such as hairdressing, makeup, manicures, barbering and other such services are always in demand. An experienced beauty expert in Vermont can make an average of $27,010 per year with the possibility of pushing that pay over $45,000 once you gain experience.

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Despite, or maybe because, of its rural nature, Vermont is home to nationally acclaimed destinations such as Stowe Mountain Lodge. The Salon at Stowe Mountain Lodge boasts being one of the 100 Best Hair Salons in America 2014 according to Elle Magazine. Impeccable service coupled with slope-side views give this salon the “It factor”.

There are a variety of beauty career opportunities in Vermont including barbers, estheticians, hairdressers and nail technicians. The Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists in Vermont will help you in your journey to finding the choice that is right for you with accessibility to forms and applications to get the process started as well as examination guidelines to help you complete your journey.



How to Become a Cosmetologist in Vermont

While each specialized salon service license has its own educational requirements, there are four general requirements that must be meant before obtaining the individualized license.

  • Complete the online application (apply online at
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • School Training Verification Affidavit

Education Requirements

Cosmetologists in Vermont must complete 1500 classroom hour or 24 months apprenticeship for licensure in the state. Students can expect to learn the necessary skills to pass the state licensing exam, including technical, business and personal skills.

The 12 month/1500 classroom hour program is intensive and will include among others, the following courses:

  • Human physiology
  • Anatomy of hair, scalp and nails
  • Facials
  • Hair shaping/hair cutting
  • Business Management
  • Product Use

Examination Requirements

Upon completion of your choice of cosmetology school, you will have the ability to take national and state exams including the following:

Employment Opportunities

Cosmetology opportunities are fairly proportional throughout the state of Vermont with the southern half having a slight edge. Aspiring cosmetologists can choose from chain-salons such as Supercuts, high-end salons such as Stowe Mountain Lodge, located at the base of Mount Mansfield, or rent your own booth and be your own boss.

The city of Burlington has the densest population in Vermont and therefore has more opportunities than some of the more rural areas. Di Moda Salon is a trendy, upscale salon that caters to men, women and children as well as an ARROJO Ambassador Salon.

Other salon options in the state include:

  • Stephen % Burns Aveda Salon & Spa in Burlington
  • Afterglow Day Spa & Salon in Warren



How to Become a Manicurist in Vermont

Though the title is often dubbed Manicurist, those in this field are also known as nail technicians. Caring for hands and feet requires specialized training in bacteriology, nail and skin disorders, massage nail design, nail treatments, artificial nail application and repair, safety and sanitation and massage.

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Education Requirements

Manicurists must complete 400 course hours in order to be eligible for the national exam. Vermont also offers an alternate option to schooling in the form of an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship requires 600 – 900 hours of working under the instruction of a licensed nail technician. Completion of apprenticeship hours must be done within a six to 12 month timeframe.

Course work for nail technicians includes courses in the following:

  • Personal health and hygiene
  • Vermont laws, regulations, and rules
  • Manicures and pedicure services
  • Foot and hand massage
  • Sanitation, disinfection, bacteriology, and safety procedures
  • Sanitation and sterilization techniques

Examination Requirements

Upon completion of course requirements or an authorized apprenticeship program, you will need to schedule and take the theory, practical and state law examinations which include the following: :

Job Opportunities for Manicurists in Vermont

Manicurists will have many of the same working options as fully certified cosmetologists. Many hair salons offer nail services in conjunction to hairdressing while there are also specialist salons that offer only nail services. Phinne Nails in Waterbury is one such nail salon in Vermont that offers only manicures and pedicures, allowing for very experienced technicians. Full service spas or rental booths are additional options for the manicurist industry.

Essential Nail & Spa in Burlington offers over a thousand OPI colors and will help clients choose a polish color by interpreting skin tones.



How to Become an Esthetician in Vermont

Estheticians are skin treatment professionals providing services such as facials and peels to optimize personal appearance. As an esthetician you will perform some complex beauty procedures such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, requiring extensive skin care knowledge.

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Education Requirements

Licensed estheticians in Vermont are required to complete 600 classroom hours or 12 months apprenticeship to ensure a thorough understanding of skin care. Topics of study will include the following:

  • State licensing laws
  • Spa and Salon Operations
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Customer Service
  • Ethics

Examination Requirements

The next step in receiving licensure is to schedule and complete the required theory, practical and state law examinations which include the following:

Job Opportunities

Besides careers at salons and day spas, estheticians have the additional option of working at dermatology offices. Many dermatologists offer a skin treatment options such as peels, microdermabrasion which are performed by licensed estheticians. Exfoliation body treatments as well as specialty peels and facials are offered at these types of salons throughout Vermont. As a medical esthetician you can assist at dermatology offices and even work with plastic surgeons. Esthetician options in Vermont include:

  • Therin Pohley Esthetics in Burlington
  • Glow Esthetics in Middlebury
  • Holistica in Burlington



How to Become an Electrologist in Vermont

As an Electrologist you will specialize in hair removal but you may also perform such duties as wart or mole removal, so this career may not be for the squeamish. Electrologists use an electric current to permanently remove unwanted body hair. In this position, you will likely deal with both men and women who want hair removed for various personal reasons.

Education Requirements

To become a licensed electrologist in Vermont, the state requires students to complete 600 hours of course training. Approximately 272 hours of the training is practical, hands-on training and about 328 hours are curriculum related. Electrologist duties tend to be more invasive than other cosmetology procedures, therefore requiring more specialized course instruction. Course requirements include the following:

  • Introduction to Electrology
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cytology and Histology
  • Dermatology
  • Survey of Body Systems

Examination Requirements

Electrologist Licensure will be awarded upon completion of required theory, practical and state law examinations which include the following:

You can advance your career as Electrologists further by joining a national organization. Organizations include the following:

Job Opportunities for Electrologists

As a licensed Electrologists in Vermont you will have a choice of working environments. If you like to work in a more formal, business setting, a dermatologist or other medical clinic is a great option. However, if you enjoy a more relaxing, earthy workplace, than a salon or spa would be a great choice. Once you gain experience you can choose to open your own spa or even become an instructor in electrolysis. Vermont has several clinics that offer electrolysis services including Central Vermont Electrolysis which offers all types of hair removal services including hormonal and transgender hair removal. Another option is Something Nice Electrolysis. LLC in White River Junction. The best way to find other licensed electrogists is through the Association of Vermont Electrologists.



How to Become a Barber in Vermont

Barbers specialize in men’s haircuts using clippers, scissors and razors to cut or shave hair as well as men’s facial services.

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Education Requirements

A career as a barber requires 1000 hours of course preparation working with live people as well as mannequins. Course study includes the following:

  • Sanitation and safety procedures
  • State barber laws
  • Hair Cutting
  • Shaving
  • Cleaning, coloring and styling of hair pieces

Examination Requirements

Barbers must complete the required theory, practical and state law examinations for license. These exams include the following:

Vermont Barber Job Opportunities

Barber shops can be trendy salons or old fashioned with the striped poles. Main Street Barbers and Bugatti Barbers in Burlington can assist with both standard and stylish cuts. Bugatti even offers hot lather and straight razor shaves bringing the ultimate grooming experience for men. Romano Haircutters in Stowe is a fourth generation barber shop in Vermont and offers shaves and cuts by appointment or walk-in. Other great barber options include the following:

  • Gentlemen’s Top Option in Burlington
  • Off –The-Top in Barre
  • The Men’s Room in Burlington

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