Beautician Salaries in New Mexico

If you like working with people and improving their appearance, New Mexico’s salon and spa industry is a good source of rewarding employment. You will have the opportunity to beautify the state’s residents, who will become your friends over time, and the tourists who come to New Mexico for its spas and scenic beauty.

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You have the option of working a salaried or hourly job or working as an independent contractor. New Mexico lets you rent a booth or chair, so you can work for yourself in an established salon. Once you have some experience, you can open up your own salon and become an employer.

Your take home pay will be higher than this guide indicates, since the official figures do not account for tips. Your grateful customers will generally tip you at least 10%, and this will add significantly to your income.

Skin Care Specialty Salaries in New Mexico

Learning how to provide face and body skin treatments will let you join a profession that has the highest average salary for beauticians in New Mexico. The median salary for an esthetician in New Mexico was $42,260 according to the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions. This is the salary at which half of the estheticians earned more than and half less than.

Albuquerque in particular is a good place to work as an esthetician. These professionals had the highest average salary of those in any city in the country in 2013 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. These estheticians averaged $57,330. Santa Fe is also a good place to be a skin care professional, since it is known for its high quality spas.

Experience has a large effect on the amount of money you can make as an esthetician, since you will become more knowledgeable about providing high-end skin treatments over time. Nationally, experienced estheticians earned more than three times that of those just starting out.

Even if you make the average salary, you will take home more money than reported here. These salary figures do not factor in tips, and your customers will give you an additional 10 to 25% for making them look and feel better.

New Mexico Barber Salaries

If you want to provide hair and skin care to men, you can become a licensed barber in New Mexico. The average salary for an experienced barber was $27,840 in 2013 according to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Development. Barbers who were new to the profession earned an average of $26,830.

In mid January 2015, there were 14 people listed as looking for jobs as barbers and 22 positions being advertised. In addition to working as a salaried barber, you can work for yourself. Slightly more than three quarters of New Mexico’s barbers were self-employed in 2012.

Your level of take home pay as a barber in New Mexico will be higher than these figures indicate, because your satisfied customers will tip you, and the officially salary statistics do not take tipping into account.

Salaries for New Mexico’s Cosmetologists

Becoming a licensed hairdresser or hair stylist in New Mexico lets you join a rewarding profession. More than 2,100 people worked as cosmetologists in New Mexico in 2012 according to the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions.

As you gain experience and get better at cutting and styling hair, you will be able to earn a larger salary. Experienced cosmetologists in New Mexico earned 1.55 times more than those new to the profession in 2013. These average salaries were $30,150 and $19,410, respectively. The average overall salary for a hairdresser in New Mexico was $24,580.

You will be able to take home more money than this, since your grateful customers will tip you for your artistry with their hair. You can expect to get tips of 10 to 25% from most customers, and these values do not account for the practice of tipping.

Nail Technician Salaries in New Mexico

You can learn how to beautify finger and toenails by becoming a licensed manicurist in New Mexico. Your starting salary will be nearly as high as that of manicurists with experience. The average salary for entry-level manicurists was $17,200 in 2013 according to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. Experienced professionals made an average of $17,450 a year.

Your level of take home pay will be higher than these figures indicate, because your customers will reward you with tips for beautifying them. These figures do not include tips which generally run 10 to 25%.

Average Makeup Artist Salary in New Mexico

If you taste in beautifying people runs to making women look stunning with makeup or changing the appearance of actors, you can get training to be a makeup artist in New Mexico. The average salary for a makeup artist in the state was $37,100 in 2013 according to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.

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Your salary will vary a great deal depending on how experienced you are and who your clients are. While the makeup retail counter in a store may be a great place to start, your salary will be much higher if you have experience and work with performing artists.

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