Beautician Salaries in Minnesota

If you want a career where you will use your creativity to make men and women look and feel their best, Minnesota offers a lot of opportunities for you. More than 20,750 professionals worked in the state’s well-developed salon and spa industry in 2012 according the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

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You have a lot of options to work as a salon professional in Minnesota. You can work a salaried or commissioned position as a salon employee, or you can branch out on your own. You have the option of renting a booth or chair, and once you have some experience, you can even open your own salon! This type of work is particularly rewarding, because as you work, you will develop close relationships with your clientele, many of which will become your friends.

While this guide provides an indication of how much money you can make as a salon professional, you will make more than these figures suggest. The salary and hourly figures do not include tips, and since you will be pleasing your customers, they will generally give you a gratuity of at least 15% – 25%.

Esthetician Salary and Job Growth in Minnesota

Getting a license to provide skin care to customers is a good way to earn a living while making your clients happy as you improve their appearance. This is an excellent time to become an esthetician in Minnesota, because the number of jobs is expected to increase 23.9% between 2012 and 2022 according to the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development.

The median salary for an esthetician in Minnesota was $28,704 in 2014, although estheticians in Rochester had a higher median salary of $29,182. This means that half of these professionals made more than this, while half made less.

As you gain experience, you can charge more, so your income should be above the median. Your take home salary will be even higher than these figures suggest, because they do not take tipping into account.

Minnesota Barber Salaries

If you taste runs towards giving shaves and haircuts to men, becoming a barber in Minnesota is a good career move. The number of barbers in the state is expected to increase 6.9% through 2022 according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. They expect that 580 new positions should become available for barbers in Minnesota between 2012 and 2022.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul area is a particularly good place for you to work as a barber according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. These professionals had the highest average salaries of barbers in any city in the country in 2013. They averaged $41,460. is an employment site that provides the average salaries of advertised positions for barbers over the past year. As of January 2015, it indicated that the average salary for a licensed barber in Minnesota was $36,000. This figure was higher for barbers in Duluth who averaged $39,000 a year.

Your level of take home pay should be higher than these salary figures indicate, since most of your customers will be happy with your work and will tip you 10 to 25%.

Cosmetology Salaries in Minnesota

Being gifted at styling women’s hair and skin lets you join the ranks of the largest beautician field in Minnesota. More than 15,300 cosmetologists were employed in Minnesota in 2012 according to the states’ Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). In fact, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area had the fourth highest level of cosmetology jobs in the country according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Becoming a hairdresser or hair stylist in Minnesota is good career choice, since the number of jobs will grow even higher. The DEED expects the rate of job growth between 2012 and 2022 to result in 4,490 openings for cosmetologists.

This agency provides the median salary for cosmetologists in Minnesota and its major cities. This value represents the 50% mark for cosmetology salaries. Half of these professionals will make more than this, while half will make less. Gaining experience should put you in a position to earn more than the median salary.

In Minnesota as a whole, cosmetologists had a median salary of $23,712 in 2014. Salaries were higher in these cities:

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul – $24,336
  • Rochester – $24,981

Even if you make the median salary, your take home pay will be higher than these figures indicate because of the prevalence of tipping. Your customers will be happy with your work and should tip you at least 10%.

Median Nail Technician Salary in Minnesota

Beauty artists who specialize in providing manicures and pedicures can find a ready source of employment in Minnesota. More than 2,500 nail technicians worked in Minnesota in 2012 according to the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development. It expects 400 manicurist jobs to become available between 2012 and 2022.

The median salary for a manicurist in Minnesota was $22,235 in 2014. This is the halfway point when all of the salaries in the state are analyzed. You can expect to make more than this when you gain experience and are better able to please your customers. Your income will also be higher, because this value does not take tips into account. Most of your clients will give you tips, because they are happy with how you made them look.

Average Makeup Artist Salary in Minnesota

If your talent runs towards skillfully applying makeup to transform people, you can get training to become a makeup artist in Minnesota. You have a variety of career options in this field. Some makeup artists specialize in training women who are unskilled with makeup, so they learn to look stunning. Others specialize in transforming actors to fit a particular period or role.

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The average salary for a makeup artist in Minnesota is available from the job site It analyzes all of the jobs advertised over the course of the year and provides an average of them. As of January 2015, the average salary for a makeup artist in Minnesota was $31,000.

Your salary will vary a great deal depending on what you specialize in. For instance, applying makeup in stores pays a lot less than if you work with actors in the motion picture or theatre industry. Experience also has a large effect on your salary, and you will be able to make a lot more money as you gain experience.

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