Bay County Beauty Academy Stages Event to Help Family Who Lost Young Daughter

The loss of a child is a harrowing experience for any parent to experience and it is something that Krystin LaPage has had to deal with. Fairly recently, LaPage’s daughter passed away as a result of a heart condition. The loss left LaPage reeling with grief. The grieving mother made a decision to shift locations from the Hampton Township to Florida. The decision to change locations was largely borne out of a need for Lapage to heal from her loss and consolidate her energies in the process. There were several medical bills for the care provided to LaPage’s daughter, Avyrihana Grzegorczyk, that were left unpaid after her death. LaPage and her family are currently grappling with a slew of unpaid bills totalling thousands of dollars.

A source of comfort for LaPage and her family in this trying period comes from an unexpected sector. A Bay County Beauty School has decided to organize an event to raise enough money to help siphon off some of the expenses that the family has had to deal with. A whole day event was staged by the Bayshire Beauty Academy where a slew of services were being offered. Participants were able to treat themselves to services like haircuts and pedicures. A bake sale was also staged to help augment the amount of money that the event could raise. The proceeds that were produced by the beauty school’s efforts went directly to LaPage and her family.

One of LaPage’s High School classmates was the principal organizer of the event. Bailey Wilson has expressed a great deal of sympathy for the predicament that LaPage and her family are currently dealing with. The amount of support that Wilson has provided largely stems from a great deal of empathy. Wilson specifically states that if the situation were reversed, she is certain that LaPage would do the same thing.