Single Dad Goes to Beauty School to Learn How to Style Daughter’s Hair



Greg Wickherst, the father of a 3 year-old daughter named Izzy, was struggling with his lack of hair styling abilities. Since he and his wife separated, Izzy had been staying with him and naturally for a little girl, wanted her hair styled like all the other little girls on the playground. Wickherst, a college admissions counselor who chooses to be bald and has no inclinations towards beauty, was woefully unprepared to manage his daughter’s long hair.

He tried, but he wasn’t of much help with even the simplest styles. “I used to just part her hair. Then one day I started trying to put pony tails in and for some reason, I couldn’t figure it out.”

Failure wasn’t an option, so the single father asked for help from a higher power – the beauty school students at his workplace, IntelliTec College.

Wickeherst has since learned how to do a few different styles and has been posting them all on social media, where they’ve become extremely popular. He said that he’s found that learning to do Izzy’s hair has served as a bonding experience for both of them. A few styles that his daughter likes are buns and braids, especially waterfall braids, French braids and fishtail braids.

Wickeherst admits that he doesn’t understand why he is getting so much attention on the internet and from the media. “It’s really crazy that it has gotten all the attention it has,” the single father said. “All I did was I take an interest in doing my daughter’s hair. It shows people that dads can do this kind of stuff and I absolutely love it.”

He added that even though he doesn’t “get it,” he appreciates it and said he would continue to style Izzy’s hair and take suggestions from people on social media, who just can’t seem to get enough of this father-daughter duo.