Beautician Salaries in Wyoming

Beauty occupations are regulated and licensed by the State Board of Cosmetology. Beautician salaries vary among specialties but in general they are excellent. Federal and state salary tables normally do not include tips which make up a significant portion of beauticians’ total income. There are ample salaried jobs, both full and part-time, as well as opportunities to work as an independent contractor. One popular freelance scheme is to rent a booth at a working salon. You pay a fixed monthly fee and then operate the booth like your own shop. There will be many options available to you once you choose your preferred specialty and get the right education.

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Cosmetology Salary in Wyoming

Cosmetologists are educated in all aspects of beauty care, including hairstyling, nail technology, skin care and basic makeup application. You must complete 2,000 hours of training at one of Wyoming’s 10 state-approved beauty schools and pass the Wyoming board exam to become a licensed cosmetologist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the 490 cosmetologists who are working in Wyoming (2013) earn the following average salaries statewide and in the two largest cities.

Annual Salary

Wyoming Area

Hourly Wage

Wyoming Area

The following table shows cosmetologist salary ranges in nonmetropolitan areas (NMAs) of Wyoming. Southwestern Wyoming is an exception to the common expectation of lower wages in nonmetropolitan areas. The BLS reports that Southwestern Wyoming is the nation’s fourth highest paying nonmetropolitan area for cosmetologists.

  • Northwestern Wyoming: $16,320-$32,600
  • Southwestern Wyoming: $18,260-$55,550
  • Northeastern Wyoming: $20,650-$28,570
  • Southeastern Wyoming: $16,060-$29,620

Wyoming Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist) Salary

You’ll have to spend 600 hours inbeauty school to qualify to take the board exam for a esthetician license. According to “CareerOneStop,” estheticians in Wyoming earn the following annual salaries:

  • Entry Level – $17,500
  • Average – $27,900
  • High End – $56,900

The following esthetician annual salaries in different Wyoming cities are based on an aggregate of job listings.

  • Casper – $39,000
  • Cheyenne – $33,000
  • Gillette – $36,000
  • Laramie – $33,000
  • Rock Springs – $38,000

Nail Technician Salaries in Wyoming

If you enjoy giving manicures/pedicures to your friends, this may be the job for you. In order to become a licensed nail technician in Wyoming you’ll need to complete 400 hours of beauty school training and pass the state board exam. The 2013 BLS report indicated that the 60 nail technicians working in Wyoming earn the following:

Annual Salary
Hourly Wage

Average annual salaries in different cities based on an aggregate of job listings are:

  • Casper – $30,000
  • Cheyenne – $26,000
  • Gillette – $28,000
  • Laramie – $26,000
  • Rock Springs – $30,000

Wyoming Makeup Artist Salary

There are ample opportunities for a successful career as a personal appearance makeup artist in Wyoming. A license is not required but you’ll have trouble finding a good job unless you have a cosmetologist, hairstylist or esthetician license. Potential employers include salons, spas, resorts, modeling agencies, bridal boutiques and cosmetics stores. According to makeup artists earn the following average annual salaries in Wyoming cities.

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Wyoming Area
Rock Springs

Barber Salary in Wyoming

If you want to become a barber you’ll have to graduate from a state-approved barber college (usually 1,000 hours) and pass the Wyoming Board of Barber Examiners licensing exam..Barbers work in both salons and barber shops. They focus on caring for men’s head and facial hair. An aggregate of job listings revealed the following average annual barber salaries in selected Wyoming cities.

  • Casper – $26,388
  • Cheyenne – $26,147
  • Gillette – $20,599
  • Laramie – $26,388
  • Rock Springs – $22,280

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