New Beauty School Opening in Madison Focuses on Customer Care and Life Development

In the typical beauty school, practical lessons are given on all things beauty: styling hair, nail artistry, and the wide variety of makeup artistry. However, a good cosmetologist is not just one that can do the job.

That’s where The Salon Professional Academy comes in, a cosmetology school opening a new branch in Madison, Wisconsin. Tony Santini, a stylist who is currently operating another salon, Hybrid Salon, will run this new school when it opens in February 2016.

A huge part of what drives Santini is his passion for the creativity in the industry. He found himself struggling as a young teenager, and when he discovered the art of hair styling, his entire world changed before his eyes. His experiences and struggles with learning have driven him to create this new school in the hopes that he can share his experiences with hopeful cosmetologists.

One of the key areas Santini is excited to focus on in his new school is the customer care side of cosmetology. Part of being a cosmetologist is understanding the demands of the customers, and one of the most tangible realizations of that comes in the weekends. Many customers are working 40 hour jobs during the week, and may be raising children on top of that. For that person, the only time they can find to take care of themselves with a trip to the salon is on a Saturday afternoon. In order to be a successful stylist that customers keep coming back to, making that a part of life is a key development.

At the same time, students at this school will be learning about what it means to care for their customers while they are in the chair. The best cosmetologists understand that the customer trusts them enough to place their hands in their hair or on their face. Such a realization should not be taken lightly. The students Santini will be taking in, no matter their creative desires, will be learning about such integral elements of beauty before they are sent off to salons that emphasize those unique creative desires.