Electrolysis Business Reflects on Client Comfort and Privacy as New Owner Steps In

At Amenity Electrolysis, which has been in business in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area for 16 years, client comfort is the top priority. This is why Jeannie Bush, the current owner, spent five years searching for the right person to take over her company. Finally, she found Crystal Schultz, a client turned business partner.

Bush started Amenity Electrolysis because she was dealing with her own embarrassing facial hair. “I had a full male, black beard that I had to shave three times a day,” she said. Bush was suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Simply put, this condition is a hormonal imbalance that causes hair to grow all over her body in the same way it does on a man.

Before Schultz was visiting Amenity, she wasn’t dealing with PCOS, but she had excessive facial hair as well, needing to shave daily. She visited Amenity upon a recommendation from her sister and found a loving, private consultation with Bush.

Bush works with doctors that refer patients to her for issues that require special attention. This keeps patients from feeling like they are the only people in the world that deal with facial hair, directing them towards someone that’s dealt with it more than most. “The majority of people who come to us, what they feel is a horrible secret that has affected them all of their life, and they are trusting you,” said Schultz.

As Bush was looking to retire, she asked various clients if they were interested in taking on her business while maintaining the same level of care and privacy given to clients. Schultz heard about the opportunity, and it resonated deep within her. She began working with Bush, earning her state license, and scaling down her current photography business. They made the deal in February 2015, transferring full ownership over to Schultz.

Bush continues to mentor Schultz as she eases into her retirement, making for a smooth transition for both the new owner and the existing clients.